Sagar Vadi

Who Am I?

Hey, this is Sagar Vadi. And I am a digital marketer by profession. I am a freelancer. Before digital marketing, I was a teacher at a higher secondary school and taught statistics to students. I like working with numbers.

I was starting my career after my board exams and start earning. my first salary was 1500 INR per month in starting days in early 2014.

I was thinking at that time what should I do to increase my income. And I got a job with higher pay 78000 INR annul. and work as an assistant in coaching classes and in 2018. I became a teacher and my pay scale goes up.

But I feel comfortable there and I want to get out of my comfort zone so after my BBA I started learning Digital Marketing. And after that, I do my Internship In the DIGITAL DEEPK INTERNSHIP PROGRAM and get practical knowledge.

This is very challenging. because we did lots of things that get out us from the comfort zone and learn a new thing every day and also change our way to look at the world.

While my internship I got my first ever job offer in digital marketing in the INSTITUTE FOR CIVIL SERVICE. They wanted to do me 360-degree digital marketing of their institute. and also get 4 offers from other places.  isn’t it cool?

Nowadays I am working as a freelancer and also start my own website to write a blog on my work and also want to share what I know so others also can learn.

Remember always learn new things every day and don’t stick in your comfort zone.

If you really want to live life go and take a challenge every signal day you will get thrilled.

Do whatever you like and live a happy life.