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What is communication skill? And how to improve your communication skills?

In this article I am talking about communication skills. so you can understand it batter.

Communication helps you to understand and to be understood by others.

It is a very important skill to develop in life. It helps you in your career or business as well as your personal life. 

I know that you are eager to find information about communication skills because you need to improve your communication skills. 

In this article, I will explain to you about communication skills and how to improve them so you can improve your skills.


What is communication?


Communication is the act of transferring information from one place to another place. 

It may be vocally (using voice), written, visually, or non verbally.

Basically communicating means passing the information. But it requires good skills that we need to learn.

You just pass the information that doesn’t mean that you are a good communicator. It needs practice, Isn’t it?

And Communication is not the same as broadcasting, or simply sending out information.

Communication is a two-way process. In other words, it involves sending and receiving information.


Importance of communication


Now you have a question: where are the communication skills needed in our life?

You just ask yourself. And you will get an answer.

And what is the answer, the answer is in your personal life, in your business, in your job interview, in your professional life. Mainly these things come to mind and these things are very broad. 

With experience and practice, you will learn communication and it’s never too late to work on your communication skills.


In a relationship, you will make it better and also solve your problems by talking to each other. In this also you need better communication.

Because your tone and your way of talking also impact your relationship. So don’t do miss-communication, it’s really important.


With family, making a healthy environment in a family also needs good communication because when you share your emotions with your family it really helps you.

Also, know what’s going on in a family member’s life. because it combines your family and makes it strong. Communication will help in solving your family problem.

In family, it’s also important how you talk with your child, how you talk with parents, and how you talk with your spouse. And don’t forget relatives.


In professional life, you need better communication because it directly impacts your career or business. Because in business you need to take care of everything, your employee, your client, your worker, your colleague.

So if you want to become a good leader then you also have good communication skills.

In your job, it’s very important how you communicate with your boss and your co-worker. Because of its direct impact on your career growth.

That means having strong communication skills aids in all aspects of life – from professional life to personal life and everything that falls in between.


Types of communication


Verbal communication

Verbal communication is communication that is happening by words and voice or you can say that simply by speaking. It’s basically vocal. 

Nonverbal communication

Nonverbal communication means it happens by body language or by any sign or expression.

For example, you are on a traffic signal, and there are traffic police who handle that traffic in that place.

They are just instructed by their hand without speaking a single word. That’s the best example of nonverbal communication.

This communication also includes communication between a small baby and their mother because a baby can’t able to speak through the mother got an idea of what he/she wants.

Don’t forget to include communication that happens by emotion like anger, love, happiness, joy, etc. you don’t need to tell that you are happy because of its show on your face.

Written communication

Written communication also includes words but it won’t happen by using voice.

Communication happens by letter, social media posts like a WhatsApp message, Twitter post, Facebook post, Instagram post, Linkedin post, etc., books, magazines, newspapers, etc. which is written communication

Visual communication:

Visual communication happens with charts, graphs, diagrams, photos, maps, logos, etc.

In this communication also you don’t need to say a single word because it happens by seeing things.

Now that you know types of communication and how much communication skills are in our lives, you have another question in your mind about how to improve communication skills.

Here, we are telling you how to improve your communication skills. Look, we are telling you before that you need to practice. Then your skills will improve.


How to improve communication skills


There are so many ways of improving communication skills but we can discuss here which are most important. Do you wish to get it?



To become a good communicator, it is important to become a good listener.


“Being a good listener is half the equation to being a good communicator”


So it is important to practice active listening. Pay close attention to what others are saying.

If you are not listening to others then how can you expect the others to listen to you.

That’s why to be a good listener. You understand well. And also it helps you to increase your knowledge.


Body language

Good body languages are also a part of good communication skills.

It includes good eye contact, hand gesture, tone of voice when communicating with others.

Make a friendly tone and relax body make you approachable by others.

Your body language speaks before your verbal expression so keep your mind calm.

Because body language is more powerful than words.


Read more

Improve your reading so that your vocabulary will also improve and your verbal communication going to be good.

In communication, you must have good words that you can use while communicating. 

Read more, read inspirational that will help you to improve your vocabulary as well as your pronunciation in verbal communication.


Engage with an audience

While communicating with a group of people, ask them a question or ask open-ended questions so that they answer.

For example, ask “Tell me the process of…”

Good questions can help conversations flow and improve the outcome.


Ask honest opinion

It can be hard to know how you are perceived as a communicator.

So ask your close friend or colleague for their own honest feedback.

It will help you identify what to focus on.


Practice improving communication habits

Many communication skills are habits you have developed over time. You can improve those skills by practicing new habits that make you a better communicator.

For example, being more responsive, practicing giving positive feedback, giving respect to others, etc.



Do over-communicate so that others will understand your point but don’t do very long communication.

It helps to retain key information and ensure that everyone hears and understands the message.


What’s to take away


Communication skills are very important in career growth and every aspect of life so you just need to practice them.

It’s never too late to learn communication.

What you have to do is you just read more so your vocabulary will improve and it will help you in communication.

Focus on basic skills like making eye contact, keep smiling, add some emotion to your information, respect, etc. it will help you to improve your communication skills.

Language does not matter in communication what matters is how you explain or express your ideas and thoughts.

At some level, you need to learn English but the language is not part of communication because communication happens in any language.

Leave a comment and tell me What do you think about communication skills. What’s your thought on communication skills?